Guide to Ordering (Hydraulic Hose)

During the process of replacing or designing new hydraulic hose components, it is important to consider all size, temperature, pressure and operating condition factors. To enable us to meet your specification as closely as possible, please consider as many of the following as possible when placing your enquiry:

  • Size – the most critical aspects here are Inside Diameter (ID), or bore size, and the length of the hose. You may specify length as either the cone-cone dimension (for hoses with fittings) or the cut length of the hose before fittings are added.
  • Working pressure – the rated pressure of your hydraulic system, or the pressure rating listed on the part you are replacing.
  • End fittings – for assemblies, we need to know the fittings you require, and their orientation (if they are elbows or banjo fittings, for example). If unsure, you could consult thread charts or bring us a sample.
  • Operating conditions – are there extremes of ambient/fluid temperature? Do you need the cover to be resilient to abrasion over a long period?