How To Measure Gaskets


To assist us in quoting for your requirements, please provide the information below where possible, as this ensures a quicker turnaround on your quotation and helps us choose the right product for you.

  1. Quantity required
  2. Your application:
    • What you are trying to seal against
    • The product being conveyed
    • What the gasket will come into contact with e.g. acid, solvents, water, steam
    • Pressure rating
  3. Size details:
    • Standard flange type (ANSI/ASA, PN, BS Table), full-face or IBC, with dimensions from the drawing above (including number of holes and material thickness)
    • If non-standard, a drawing is highly desirable


IBC (Inner Bolt Circle) Gaskets

Also known as a ‘raised-face’ gasket, an IBC gasket often sits inside the flange’s bolt holes. For OD and ID dimensions, please refer to the drawings above.