Dovetail joints – One of the many services we provide.

Dovetail joints – One of the many services we provide.
October 18, 2017 Curtis Lawton

Here you see below a special manufactured gasket produced in a natural shot blast tan para rubber, constructed using dovetail joints this bespoke gasket was produced using our off site water jet cutting machine, to ensure accuracy and consistency.

A UK based ready mixed concrete specialist was having difficulties sourcing a suitable sealing solution for a large mixing silo. After consulting with the customer we gathered all the information we required to provide a solution for this issue. We recommended a material which would be suitable to fulfil the customer’s requirements.

Due to the size of the mixing silo we knew we were unable to produce this as one single gasket. After careful deliberation and consulting with the customer we finally decided to manufacture this gasket in multiple segments. As this type of material is difficult to bond we found that dovetail joints would be the best solution for this application; this would then allow the customer to easily assemble the gasket on site whilst still providing a perfect seal.

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