Vulcan VG1L Graphite & Glass Fibre

Vulcan VG1L Graphite & Glass Fibre
  • VG1L

Vulcan VG1L Graphite & Glass Fibre

Properties: VG1L is interbraided from a continuous filament, textured air blown
glass fibres thoroughly impregnated with mineral oil lubricants and graphite. A
dressing and corrosion inhibitor is further applied to the yarns to improve wear
Applications: General purpose packing for rotary and reciprocating
pumps, mixers and valves against steam, water, oils, air, alkalis, mild acids
and chemicals

Ç 8 metre length standard
Ç 150 BAR pressure rating
Ç -100°C to +480°C operational temperature
Ç 10 m/s rotary speed
Ç 4-11 pH range

1/8 3
3/16 5
1/4 6.5
5/16 8
3/8 9.5
7/16 11
1/2 12.5
9/16 14
5/8 16
3/4 19
7/8 22
1 25

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