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At Camthorne, we offer our clients a variety of value-added services such as: Bespoke Water Jet Cutting Hydraulic Assembly Service Conveyor Solutions Gaskets PVC Door Curtains Press Machine Cutting

We manufacture bespoke PVC door curtains in-house, helping to reduce draught, maintain temperatures, and act as safety barriers within the workplace.

There are a multitude of uses and applications – acting as a barrier to dust and noise, maintaining temperatures in refrigeration applications, or helping protect against welding flash.

Our clear PVC provides excellent visibility, and allows easy passage for pedestrians and forklift trucks, and can easily be removed or replaced using the simple hanging system.

Camthorne are a leading manufacturer of gaskets in the UK, stocking materials that seal against a variety of chemicals under high temperatures and working pressures. We carry tooling for the quick turnaround of gaskets for all British Standard, ANSI150 and PN6-PN40 flanges in both full-face and IBC flange styles.

We can put together a quote for custom gaskets, no matter how large or small, in any material. For precision-cut sections and intricate profiles, we utilise water-jet cutting technology to ensure a finish that suits even the most unusual requirements. This method effectively eliminates tooling costs for one-off gaskets, small-batch orders and prototypes, allowing us to quote competitively for bespoke requests.

At Camthorne, we can manufacture anything, from one-off gaskets to large production runs in the thousands. We stock a range of rubber, sponge and non-asbestos materials – EPDM, neoprene, Viton, polyurethane, silicone, Klinger and Phoenix non-asbestos fibre, cork, and food-quality and FDA sheeting.

With our on site press machines and huge number of die cutting tools it gives us the ability to cut intricate profile shapes, gaskets and seals in a huge variety of soft materials in either sheet or roll forms.

To produce the profile or gasket the hydraulic press is used to force a strip steel or die tool through the material, this is a very fast and efficient production process, it can cut through material fast enough to allow large quantities of gaskets and seals to be produced each day, allowing large batches of material to be cut swiftly at low cost.

The die tools or cutting strips can be shaped according to your drawing or sample, from simple washers to highly intricate seals. Die tools are ideal for bespoke, prototype and large-batch orders, they maintain the very highest level of accuracy and repeatability.

If you’re looking for high repeat accuracy, in large production runs, our press machine service is ideal for your needs.

As a premier distributor of Manuli Hydraulics hose, fittings, and couplings, Camthorne supplies their full range of hydraulic products. We offer a while-you-wait assembly service for all stock hydraulic hoses and fittings. We aim to turn assemblies around in just a few minutes, reducing wait times for our customers, which in turn helps them to increase productivity and provide superior service to the end user.

Our inventory is updated on a regular basis – items that are not in stock can usually be sourced within a couple of working days, so if you have specific requirements, please give us a call on 01782 745588.

Our standard stock comprises, but is not limited to, the following:

  • 2-Wire SAE100 R2AT hydraulic hose, in both standard (2SN/2T) and ‘compact’ (2SC/2K) cover variants, from 1/4″ upwards
  • 4-wire spiral hoses for very high-pressure and demanding applications
  • Manuli ‘Rockmaster’ cover hoses – supreme abrasion resistance and cover reliability for the most demanding environments
  • Full range of BSP, Metric and JIC fittings – males, females, swept and compact elbows, o-ring flat seat, banjo, adaptors
  • ISO A, SAE and flat-face quick release couplings
  • Thermoplastic R8 non-conductive hose in 1/4” and 3/4″ bore
  • Low-pressure R6 rubber hydraulic hose

Camthorne’s experience within the rubber and plastics industry extends to our provision of conveyor belting, agricultural belting, and roller re-coverings. We can help with the creation of new systems, the maintenance of current ones, and the production/refurbishment of old and discontinued parts.

Our belting materials include rubber and PVC, and we can incorporate chevrons, cleats, sidewalls, tracking guides and a number of surface finishes to your specification. Conveyor belts can be supplied either vulcanised (endless) or with a variety of mechanical fasteners. We can supply belts for a wide variety of agricultural machinery and popular brands, including harvester belts, baler belts, grain feeders and handlers, and many more. Our products also encompass V-belts, drive belts, and those used in the recycling and warehousing sectors.

In order to help us with your enquiry, drawings or an image of your existing equipment are highly desirable. Vital metrics to include are: overall belt length (or the length between drums & the drum diameters if belt is endless), cleat pitch, cleat style & height, chevron pattern, the presence and style of any tracking guides or sidewalls, and of course the material and thickness. Our experienced team is at hand to solve any queries you may have.

To complete our conveyor range, we also offer a service for refurbishing and re-covering worn rollers in a variety of rubber compounds and polyurethane. Refurbish your worn and aged rollers with new rubber to increase durability, absorb more impact, resist chemicals and oil, and provide water and Ozone resistance – we can even provide surface grooves such as chevrons, diamond patterns and spiral cuts. As an alternative to rubber, advantages of new PU coatings include superior abrasion resistance and wear life, excellent chemical and solvent resistance, and good insulation and frictional properties.

Our roller re-covering service has been utilised by numerous industrial sectors, such as paper, food processing, textiles, packaging, printing and sheet metal – we pride ourselves on quick turnaround times and a professional service. When placing your enquiry for re-covering, please have to hand information regarding the inside diameter (ID) of the cover, the finished outside diameter (OD), length, and material type (including colour, shore hardness and finish), and our team will be happy to assist.

Our off-site water-jet cutting facility based in Stoke-on-Trent is well-equipped to provide our clients with bespoke, precision-cut profiles for most materials with a thickness of up to 6 inches. Camthorne’s water jet cutting service is ideal for soft materials, such as engineering plastics, textiles, and rubbers, whilst our abrasive-jet cutting service is perfect for harder materials, including ceramics, metals, and stone.

You can expect a very quick turnaround from Camthorne, as we are able to incorporate DXF and other CAD formats directly into our cutting software. Moreover, we can produce drawings to your specification.

If you’re looking for high repeat accuracy, rapid prototyping, just-in-time manufacturing, and the ability to produce intricate profiles in large production runs, our bespoke water jet part cutting service is ideal for your needs.

  • Cold cutting – No ‘heat-affected zone’ is generated, meaning the inherent material structure is preserved. Materials can be cut that would otherwise be malformed, cracked or melted by other methods
  • Intricate shapes can be created using automated software
  • Cost-effective – greatly reduces labour and tooling costs for production runs of intricate parts, small batch runs, and prototypes
  • Produces a fine finish in almost any material up to 6” thick. No discolouration or distortion
  • Little or no burr – reduces secondary finishing processes and saves labour costs
  • Narrow ‘kerf’ (i.e. the width of the cut) means the amount of scrap material is reduced compared to other methods. Individual parts can be spaced much more closely together to reduce overall material usage
  • Environmentally friendly – far fewer airborne dust particles, fumes and other contaminants are produced, and water from the cutting head can be re-circulated through the system

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