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Rubber Sheeting

At Camthorne we stock a vast variety of rubber sheets from commercial grades, food approved, chemical & fuel resistant, EPDM, abrasion resistant & WRAS approved materials in a wide range of thickness and roll sizes. We convert all above materials into strips, cut sheets, discs, rings, gaskets, squares and all manor of shapes to suit the customers requirements. To do this we use our state of the art slitting machines, hydraulic presses & ring cutters to ensure complete accuracy.

General purpose rubber comes in all manor of thicknesses up to 50mm and is generally 65 / 70 shore A hardness and has a wide range of uses. Applications include; packers, seals, garage door strips, flooring, buffers, protectors, gasket making, worktops, benchtops, blades, waterproofing, vibration and outdoor uses. Commercial rubber or commerical quality is an SBR/NR blend and has a smooth finish front & back. Insertion rubber is similar to general purpose but with an added single or double ply cloth reinforcement for additional tensile strength.

Viton & Nitrile BA60 are high specification rubbers which are used for greases, solvents, oils, chemicals, diesel & petrol (only viton). These are used for making gaskets where aggressive media or high temperature is involved. It is important to use the correct material for the correct application, for example using Viton for petrol as any other material such as commercial rubber would perish. Viton rubber has a shore hardness of 75 A and a working temperature of -20°c to + 250°c whilst BA60 is softer at 60 shore A and has a working temperature of -30°c to + 110°c.

EPDM rubber comes in commerical and a WRAS approved grades. EPDM has excellent resistance to ageing, ozone and water making it popular for external applications including pipe seals, gaksets & weather strips. WRAS EPDM has a cloth compression on both sides and is suitable to be used with potable water and has excellent resistance to weathering. Temperature range -40°c to +120°c.

We also offer food approved grades in either blue or white for applications which include animal and vegetable fats and oils & grease for the food industry. Our stock options are Neoprene (white) and Nitrile (white) and these can be cut into gaskets , strips & sheets in all manor of thicknesses. Nitrile has a working temperature of -25°c to + 120°c whilst Neoprene is slightly less at -25°c to + 90°c.

Para Natural Rubber has a very high abrasion resistance, being classed as a para – natural or pure gum rubber. Produced from natural latex, makes this rubber perfectly suited for high abrasion applications including chute linings, shotblast cabinet lining and seals, scraper blades and shotblast curtains. This rubber has a shore hardness of 40 – 45 shore A and has been used in the Ministry of defence to line and protect rooms. This rubber can also be used to make gaskets to seal against highly abrasion media such as sand and will be more long lasting than commercial rubber.

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