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Black Neoprene Sponge/Foam Sheet 1 Meter Wide

Black Neoprene Sponge/Foam Sheet excellent for gasket making, sealing strips and draft exclusion around windows





Neoprene sponge is a closed-cell material based on rubber, it has the following uses, good insulation properties, good dynamic resistance, good resistance to tearing and is non-abrasive. It also has good compatibility with adhesives and can be bonded successfully. You can also use it as a draft excluder around household/caravan/automotive windows and doors helping save money on energy and heating costs. Neoprene sponge is resistant to fresh/sea water, oxidation, UV, ozone and weathering and has good resistance to acids and conforms to – ASTM D 1056 98 B2 so can be used in a wide range of applications.



Gaskets, sealing strips and draft exclusion around windows
Polymer Type:
Compression Deflection @ 50% (KPA):
Density (KN/M_):
Tensile Strength (KN/M_):
Elongation At Break (%):
Water Absorption (%):
Temperature (°C):
-40 TO +85
Colour :


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