Fine Ribbed Matting Anti-slip

Fine Ribbed Matting Anti-slip
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Fine Ribbed Matting Anti-slip

Fine ribbed/fluted black rubber matting to cater for a number of anti-slip/waterproofing/vibration & sound reduction/anti-fatigue applications in both commercial and domestic applications.

This matting is made from an SBR/NR blended rubber compound at 70° Shore hardness to provide a robust, hard-wearing covering that can withstand vibration, impact and repetitive foot traffic.

Can be fixed to many surfaces using general purpose contact adhesives, with the fine cloth finish reverse providing a solid surface area to bind to.

Common applications include, but are by no means limited to; anti-slip commercial and domestic flooring; waterproofing for pet cages, kennels and outdoor runs; load liners for cars & vans; worktop and tool chest coverings; anti-fatigue warehouse runner matting, etc

If you require any further information or you have specific requirements please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 01782 745588.


DESIGN: Fine ribbed *ribs run the length of the roll*
RUBBER: Commercial SBR
HARDNESS: 70 shore A
MAX ROLL LENGTH: 10 metres
STANDARD ROLL WIDTH: 1 metre wide & 1.2 metre wide
THICKNESS: 3mm & 6mm

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