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Green Medium Duty Suction & Delivery Hose

Medium duty suction & delivery hose is made from highly flexible green PVC with a high tensile crush resistant PVC helix.



The premium PVC materials used provide the hose with flexibility, UV ray protection, and the PVC helix provides crush and vacuum resistance. This hose is used extensively in industrial, domestic and agricultural applications for the suction and delivery of water, sewage, slurry and powders along side a wide range of chemicals. The applications include Waste water pumping, Slurry removal, Road tankers, Highway maintenance, Bulk powder transfer & general domestic uses.

This is a premium thick wall Green PVC hose which is stocked in 30 metre coils.



Corrugated green PVC, with excellent flexibility, weathering and crush resistant
White rigid PVC helix
Smoothbore PVC
From -10°C to +60°C
Safety Factor:
9m h2o

Measurements & Values

ID OD Working Pressure Burst Pressure Hose Weight Bend Radius Wall Thickness Hose Temp
25.433.6mm9.3 bar27.9 bar0.490 kg113mm4.1mm-10°C to +60°C
3240.8mm8 bar24 bar0.560 kg144mm4.4mm-10°C to +60°C
3847mm8 bar24 bar0.680 kg171mm4.5mm-10°C to +60°C
51.660.9mm7.3 bar21.9 bar1.040 kg230mm4.65mm-10°C to +60°C
63.573.9mm6.7 bar20.1 bar1.360 kg264mm5.2mm-10°C to +60°C
76.087.6mm6 bar18 bar1.700 kg342mm5.8mm-10°C to +60°C


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