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Nylon Sheet

Combines high strength, stiffness with a good wear resistance and has a favourable electrical insulating ability which leads it to be a very capable and dependable plastic in many applications.


Nylon sheet has become the most well known engineering plastic due to its ease of machinability and many excellent properties such as heat ageing and chemical resistance. Applications include; Wear components, rollers, wheels, gears, scrapers, bearings and many more. Nylon has many different variations such as strip, rod & sheet and this is available in 6 & 66 grades. Nylon 66 offers an enhanced mechanical strength, stiffness, better resistance to acids, creep and temperature. Nylon 6 however, does off a greater impact strength.



Trade Names :
Nylon, Ertalon, Nylatron
Natural & Black
Temperature Rated:
-40°c to + 110°c
Sheet Size:
Please call for details
Sheet Thickness:
Upto 100mm
Grade Options:
Nylon 6 & 66


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