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Rubber Snowplough Blade

Rubber snow plough blades custom made to your specification to fit any plough from small hand-operated units to large agricultural/commercial ploughs


Our blades are produced from high abrasion resistant Blackstar rubber or canvas ply reinforced belting rubber. We can produce blades up to 5 metres long and up to 50mm thick, they can also be provided with pre-punched holes or blank (no holes).

Rubber belting is a robust and highly abrasion-resistant material, with a high tensile fabric ply reinforcement, that provides increased strength, and enhanced wear resistance. The rubber belting can be used for a multitude of different applications, such as making packers, spacers, buffers, scrapers, side skirts and chute linings.

Blackstar rubber is made from an SBR/NR blended rubber compound at 60° Shore hardness, to provide a robust, hard-wearing covering that can withstand vibration, impact and highly abrasive applications such as scraping.



Polymer Type:
SBR Rubber belting with high tensile fabric reinforcements
Material Finish:
Smooth finish both sides
75 shore A & 60 shore A
Operating Temperature:
-30 to +70°C


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