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Clear PVC Wire Reinforced Suction & Delivery Food Grade Hose

Clear wire reinforced suction hose is a highly flexible heavy-duty food grade PVC suction and delivery hose, with an embedded steel spiral.


Manufactured from high quality soft PVC with a galvanized steel spiral and is highly resistant to vacuum and crushing. The transparent wall is UV resistant and allows easy visual control of the fluid and identification of blockages. The smooth inner wall reduces flow losses and enables easy cleaning. This hose is also suitable for food contact applications up t0 40°C. Alcohol beverages up to 50°C alcohol content can also be conveyed up to 40°C. Applications include – Sewage, Suction and delivery of slurry, transfer of chemical products, food products, liquids, powders and dust.




900 mbar
Clear, flexible totally smooth PVC, resistant to weathering and chemicals
Embedded Galvanized steel spiral
Smoothbore PVC for food CE 1935/2004
From -15°C to +60°C
Safety Factor:

Measurements & Values

ID OD Working Pressure Burst Pressure Hose Weight Bend Radius Vaccum Pressure Wall Thickness Hose Temp
12mm17mm11.5 bar34.5 bar186 grams23mm900 mbar2.5mm-15°C to +60°C
20mm27mm10 bar30 bar392 grams34mm900 mbar3.5mm-15°C to +60°C
25mm33mm9.5 bar28.5 bar506 grams42mm900 mbar4mm-15°C to +60°C
32mm40mm9 bar27 bar640 grams53mm900 mbar4mm-15°C to +60°C
38mm46mm7.5 bar22.5 bar776 grams63mm900 mbar4mm-15°C to +60°C
50mm60.8mm6 bar18 bar1300 grams82mm900 mbar5.4mm-15°C to +60°C
76mm89.2mm4 bar12 bar2270 grams200mm900 mbar6.6mm-15°C to +60°C


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