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Rubber Radiator Hose

Mandrel built rubber radiator hose for delivery of hot water and anti-freeze in cooling systems



Black smooth EPDM/NR rubber, heat, weather and resistant. fabric impression finish
High tensile textile plies
Black smooth EPDM/NR rubber, heat resistant
From -25°C to +120°C
Safety Factor:
3:1 Minimum
Working Pressure :
10 bar

Measurements & Values

ID OD Working Pressure Burst Pressure Hose Weight Wall Thickness Hose Temp
13mm 22mm10 bar 30 bar 0.500 kg4.5mm-25°C to +120°C
16mm26mm10 bar 30 bar 0.550 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
19mm29mm10 bar 30 bar 0.600 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
22mm32mm10 bar 30 bar 0.700 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
25mm35mm10 bar 30 bar 0.750 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
28mm38mm10 bar 30 bar 0.830 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
30mm40mm10 bar 30 bar 0.900 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
32mm42mm10 bar 30 bar 0.950 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
35mm45mm10 bar 30 bar 1.030 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
38mm48mm10 bar 30 bar 1.080 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
40mm50mm10 bar 30 bar 1.120 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
42mm52mm10 bar 30 bar 1.180 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
45mm55mm10 bar 30 bar 1.250 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
48mm58mm10 bar 30 bar 1.350 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
51mm61mm10 bar 30 bar 1.400 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
55mm65mm10 bar 30 bar 1.500 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
57mm67mm10 bar 30 bar 1.600 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
60mm70mm10 bar 30 bar 1.630 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
63mm73mm10 bar 30 bar 1.700 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
65mm75mm10 bar 30 bar 1.750 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
70mm80mm10 bar 30 bar 1.900 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
73mm83mm10 bar 30 bar 1.950 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
76mm86mm10 bar 30 bar 2.000 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
80mm90mm10 bar 30 bar 2.200 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
90mm100mm10 bar 30 bar 2.400 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C
102mm112mm10 bar 30 bar 2.700 kg5mm-25°C to +120°C


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