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2ply Silicone Ducting – 4 Metre Lengths

Silicone twin wall flexible ducting, for hot and cold gases and high temperature applications


Silicone ducting is lightweight & flexible and is ideal for chemical & industrial fumes and dust where extreme temperatures are involved. 2 ply Silicone ducting has external glass cords, reinforced with embedded steel wire helix and has a mostly smooth internal. This product is bend proof and has symmetrical fold behaviour making this very easy to use and install. Silicone has a very good heat resistance and conforms to ROHS guideline and has a working temperature range of -70°C to +260°C (short term 280°C).

Maximum coil length: 4 Metres



Twin layer silicone coated glass fabric, smooth bore.
Spring steel wire integrated in wall. Cord reinforcment.
From -70°C to +260°C
Over Pressure Bar :
1.200 bar - 2.800 bar

Measurements & Values

ID OD Hose Weight Bend Radius Hose Temp
19mm22mm0.110 kg13mm-70°C to +260°C
25mm 30mm0.190 kg18mm-70°C to +260°C
32mm36mm0.280 kg20mm-70°C to +260°C
38mm43mm0.310 kg24mm-70°C to +260°C
51mm56mm0.360 kg31mm-70°C to +260°C
63mm68mm0.490 kg37mm-70°C to +260°C
75mm81mm0.580 kg43mm-70°C to +260°C
90mm94mm0.690 kg50mm-70°C to +260°C
101mm107mm0.770 kg56mm-70°C to +260°C
125mm133mm0.930 kg70mm-70°C to +260°C
151mm158mm1.200 kg82mm-70°C to +260°C
160mm166mm1.280 kg 86mm-70°C to +260°C
180mm184mm1.430 kg95mm-70°C to +260°C
203mm209mm1.650 kg 108mm-70°C to +260°C
254mm260mm2.090 kg133mm-70°C to +260°C
305mm311mm2.610 kg159mm-70°C to +260°C


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